Spring Cleaning Your Lawn

Spring Cleaning Guide for Your Lawn

When you’re done spring cleaning your home, give a thought to spring cleaning your lawn. It’s the first thing that people see as they drive up to your home, and it should reflect the pride you take in the inside of your living space. Spring cleaning your lawn can be a big chore, but our guide will make it a breeze. 


Some necessary tools to help you get the most out of your spring cleaning efforts are:

Pruning Clippers – A must have, your pruning clippers can trim bushes, or cut flowers. Owning a good, sharp pair of pruners is necessary for your lawn care. 

Water Timer – How many times have you left the hose running, while you went indoors for just a minute, then forgot all about it? We’ve all done that. It’s something that’s easy to forget. Using a water timer will ensure that you’re not wasting water. There are many models of water timers on the market from basic ones, to Bluetooth enabled, to suit your budget. 

Sprinkler – Your lawn needs to be watered, and your sprinkler gets the job done. You can get oscillating sprinklers, ones with timers or without. Even if you don’t need a sprinkler all year round, you do need one when you’re putting down new grass seed. 

Hose and Nozzles – Cheaper hoses rarely last longer than a year, so if you’re in the market for a new one, buy something of good quality. A more expensive hose with different nozzle attachments, that won’t leak, will save you water, and money.

Lawn Care

A lush, green lawn will be your pride and joy. Now that you have the pruning and water taken care of, let’s look at what you need to perfect your lawn. Spring cleaning your lawn involves more than just the grass.

Soil Additives

Your lawn needs food, and adding nutrients to it is critical. As the grass grows, it requires different nutrients from the soil, and fertilizer alone will not do the trick. An extremely effective soil additive is biochar, which helps beneficial microbes grow in the lawn.


A fertilizer is important to make your lawn green, which is one of the reasons for it being so popular. However, a lot of fertilizers lack organic compounds which your grass requires to properly grow. If you can budget for an organic lawn fertilizer, do so. You’ll see the difference in your yard. 

Grass Seed 

The other thing needed to make your lawn gorgeously green, is grass seed. Seeding is best done in fall, and early spring. Spread the seed on any bald or thin spots on the lawn. This is not the item to buy on the cheap, you want good quality seed. And make sure you’re buying the right seed for the climate you’re in. 


Now that you’ve started on getting your lawn in the best shape it can be in, you can boost its look by adding bulbs. Bulbs are very affordable, and very effective at enhancing your lawn. Dozens of bulbs are sold for just a few dollars, and some popular varieties are tulips, daffodils and crocuses. They are easy to plant, and almost all of them will bloom, giving your lawn the perfect touch. 

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