Tips for Mounting Decor On the Wall

mounting decor on the wall

It is the simple things we do in our homes that tell the true story of who we are. If, for example, you prefer to leave your walls blank, it will feel more like you’re living in a hotel than a home. But if you have the right photos, art, and wall décor and have a wonderful sense of personality and culture, you can make even the emptiest spaces look like a home. That’s why we’ve prepared these tips for mounting decor on the wall of your home.

Generally, different people have varied ideas about wall décor tips and designs to use in their homes. It depends on how wild your imagination is, and what you can do with the space you have and décor available. This article aims to provide and guide you with some brilliant wall décor ideas that should help you get started in a jiffy.

Tips On How to Mount Décor On the Wall

Hang Art Centered at Eye Level

For whatever reason, most people tend to hang art and décor too high. However, after thorough research, we found that there’s a lot more to the height that you use to hang your décor. First, the room that you plan to hang your art or décor is a critical factor to consider. Take the kitchen space, for example. Most of the time, you will be standing when cooking or even when walking past the hallway. Thus, the need to place the pictures at a slightly higher level from the flow. The family room and dining room, however, would require that you have the décor at a sitting eye level.

Space the Décor Right

The spacing that you use when hanging pictures and other forms of artwork on your walls is another significant factor. You don’t want to have your décor too close to the point that they look too cramped or disorganized. At the same time, you also don’t want to have them too widely spaced that they look like you ran out of ideas for your walls. Eventually, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to spacing décor.

Light Them Up

It is also essential that you have the right amount of light on your décor on the walls. Too much light on your wall art can create glare and wash-out. For better enjoyment of your wall décor, try illuminating them using the least light as possible. Also, LED lights are a better option to use compared to fluorescent lights, which can damage artwork.

Don’t Hand in Direct Sunlight

Prolonged exposure of artwork in direct sunlight can fade its images in the long run. So, avoid hanging them in direct sunlight, even if they have protective UV-blocking glass.

Use the Right Hangers

When hanging pictures that exceed 8×10 inches, you should use two hooks for better stability. You don’t want to have too few hangers, especially when the wall art and décor are bulky or too large as it may end up putting too much pressure on the hangers.

Generally, there are many cool ideas of mounting wall art and décor on the walls that you can use. You can also be creative enough and come up with better ideas that we could borrow from you and share with the rest of the world. So, feel free to share with the team.


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