How to Grow Greener Grass

How to Grow Greener Grass

Ever wondered what it takes to grow greener, healthier, and thicker grass on your lawn or garden? Well, it goes beyond the simple watering and fertilizing the soil. There’s a lot more to grow greener and healthier grass than meets the eye. However, with the right equipment and a little effort, you can have your lawn looking as beautiful as you imagined it.

Below are the secrets behind having greener and thicker lawns with very minimal effort.

Our Guide On How To Grow Greener Grass

Water Deeply, But Not Often

The secret to having green grass relies heavily on how you water them. If, for instance, you water your grass frequently and for short periods, their roots won’t have any reason to grow deep into the soil. This can be hazardous for the periods that you skip watering as it is these same roots that need to deliver soil nutrients to the plants. These roots won’t be able to provide the grass with nutrients or water when there isn’t enough on the surface.

Thus, the need to water deep enough in the soil. Approximately 4 to 6 inches will do. Remember, this also depends heavily on your soil type and weather conditions. So, know how long and how deep to water your grass for them to stand a chance of growing healthier.

Fertilize Well Before the Fall

It is also essential that you fertilize your grass before they go to sleep for the winter. Even after the grass looks to go dormant. This is one of those important favors that you should always do for your lawn to have your grass looking greener. Even as the grass goes into a state of dormancy, its roots still absorb and store nutrients and store energy for after the winter season. Thus, the need to fertilize the grass during the fall.

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Kill Crabgrass Early

It is also vital that you kill crabgrass using crabgrass preventers before they spread on your lawn. Crabgrass preventers prevent crabgrass from sprouting. Once they sprout, it’s too late. Thus, the need to know the perfect time to apply crabgrass preventers on your soil. The best time is to apply between second and third mowing. Crabgrass tends to sprout right after the grass starts to green up, which makes this the right time.

Reseed Late During the Growing Season

The late summer and early fall are the perfect times of reseeding. This proves to be much more successful whether you are seeding only a small patch or the whole yard. Always wait for the cooler, damper weather to set in late summer or during early fall. It is almost impossible for any seeds to survive through the searing summer heat. This period is too hot and dry and will make reseeding a waste of time and expensive seeds.

Use Liquid Broadleaf Weed Killers

Liquid broadleaf killers are much more effective to dispense as opposed to the granular broadleaf killers. You only need to add the herbicide and in the right concentration and mist it on all the weeds in your yard. Plus, the whole process takes quite a short time; you can weed an average yard in about 20 minutes or less.

Ideally, there are numerous methods that you can use to make your grass grow greener, healthier, and thicker. But the ones mentioned above are the most effective and easiest to follow. Try them out and see how they work out for your garden or lawn.

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