Quick DIY Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Being a homeowner can be a blessing as well as a nightmare itself. Owning a nice decent home is only always half the job. The other half falls on how you care for and maintain the home. You must take care of all the bills and maintenance fees that follow. However, not all home repairs require you to hire a professional for the job. Some home repairs require little skill and few DIY video tutorials to have done. Thus, saving you a couple of dollars which you would have otherwise used to hire a professional.

Our team compiled a list of simple solutions to household headaches take a few minutes. These household repairs and solutions are simple and easy to handle. Plus, they don’t even require technical skills.

Here Are Some Quick DIY Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Lube A Sticking Vinyl Door or Window

Vinyl doors and windows that don’t operate smoothly can be a pain to most homeowners. This usually occurs when gunk builds up in the channels. There are also instances where clean doors and windows can sometimes bind. When this happens, you can try spraying the contact points with dry PTFE spray lubricant, then wipe it off with a rag. Do not use oil lubricants for this fix as these often attract dirt, which may only end up damaging the vinyl further.

Fix A Shutoff Valve

DIYing your sink or toilet repairs can sometimes go very wrong if the shutoff valve doesn’t shut off. Luckily, most shutoff valves are easy to replace. However, some aren’t. If yours isn’t easy to replace, there is a simple way around it. Simply turn off the main water valve. Then remove its packing nut, unscrew the stem, then take it to the store to find a better replacement washer. Pop the new washer after cleaning any grit in the valve body. If done right, your valve should work like new.

Bleach A Water Stain

Ceilings are prone to have water stains, especially if there is a leak in the roof. However, you don’t necessarily have to go through the trouble of repainting your ceiling. Simply spraying the stained spot using a bleach and water solution can do the trick. After spraying the spot, wait a day or two for the results. It the stain will have completely disappeared.

For the older stains, however, mold and mildew removers are a better option. Plus, it works on both textured and plain ceilings.

Fix A Wallpaper Seam

Over time, wallpaper seams can come apart or tear. The best remedy for this is to reactivate the paste around the seams using a rag soaked in water. When a seam forms, try to open it up a little more so that you have more room to apply the sealer. Squeeze the seam sealer into the gap then press that section of the wall using a roller. That does it with your wallpaper seam problem.

Unclog Your Toilet with A Dish Soap

There are times when even your toilet plunger doesn’t work as well. When that happens, try this solution before opting for the snake. Try squirting about ½ cup of liquid soap into the toilet and let it sit for a while. Liquid soap helps to reduce friction. Thus, allowing the stuck contents to slide through the toilet easily.

There you have it, five of the most common DIY home repairs that you can handle in under ten minutes or less. Try these solutions and see how well they work out for you.

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