How to Clean Your Gutters

How to Clean Gutters

Have the beautiful leaves of fall clogged up your gutters? Does the prospect of cleaning out your gutters seem daunting? After all, no one really wants to crawl around the roof and get gunk out of gutters and pipes. There is a better way to clean your gutters. This is where power tools come in. 

Power Washer

Most people think about cleaning their gutters right after a storm has hit. If so, you’ll find that the leaves on the ground are sticky and wet, and quite difficult to get out of the gutters. A good tool to use in this case, is a power washer. A high pressure power washer has a lot of force behind it, so it is recommended to use a telescoping wand, so that you can clean the gutters from the ground level, and the water’s force will be directed, and not everywhere. Once you’re finished with the power washer, debris will litter the ground, and can be picked up with a rake, or swept away with a broom. Keep in mind that the debris may also be washed onto your siding and windows, and you’ll have to clean that too. It is a good idea to remove any patio furniture before you start cleaning. 

Leaf Blower

Another good power tool is a leaf blower. It eliminates any tedious raking. Using a leaf blower means you won’t have to clean your gutters by hand. A leaf blower is not the best tool if you’re dealing with wet leaves and debris. But if it’s dry weather, and there’s been no rain, then a leaf blower will do the job well. The easiest, and most straightforward method is to climb a ladder to your roof, and walk along the edge, carefully, and blow the leaves out of the gutter. A safer way to do this, is to use an extension kit, which will extend, as well as curve the leaf blower’s reach, so you don’t need to get up on the roof, and can get the gutters clean while standing on the ground. If this is your preferred method, make sure you wear safety goggles, as the leaves and debris will fall to the ground, probably directly on you. This method is effective, but messy. 

Wet and Dry Vacuum

Not so much for your gutters, but to clean the mess left on the ground once you have cleaned the gutters, a wet/dry vacuum will suck it all up. 

Take Precautions

Now that you know the best ways to get your gutters clean, a word of caution. Keep yourself safe by using an extension ladder if your rooftop is very high. Wear thick work gloves, and protective goggles. If you absolutely don’t have to walk on the roof, don’t do it. Before you clean the gutters, make sure all the debris on the roof itself is cleaned, otherwise your gutters will clog as soon as it rains. And don’t do it alone, if you can get a second person to help you, by holding the ladder. Be safe, and you’ll have your gutters clean in no time.

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