How to Clean Windows without Windex

how to clean windows without windex

Cleaning your windows to have crystal clear and streak-free results involves a series of simple processes. Most homeowners are accustomed to using spray bottles and paper towels. However, nothing gets windows squeaky clean like a good squeegee. So if you want to learn how to clean windows without Windex, you’ll want a squeegee!  Plus, you get the work done in a fraction of the time that it takes when using paper towels. Generally, different people have their window cleaning preferences. But a squeegee produces the best possible results.

Learn How to Clean Windows without Windex

Here are a few steps that are sure to produce clear results when cleaning your windows.

Basic Window Washing

Cleaning windows isn’t necessarily hard labor, especially if you have the right equipment for the job. The same high-quality window washing equipment that professionals use is readily available at hardware stores and home centers. The whole setup is also inexpensive and can last for many years with very little maintenance needed.

Aside from a good 10 or 12-inch squeegee, you also need a scrubber, a bucket, hand dishwashing liquid, and small towels or lint-free rags. It is also best to have two or three squeegee rubbers on hand that you can change or use to replace the old ones. The edges of squeegees can sometimes get nicked or sliced when working. Thus, the need to have at least two extra pairs on hand.

Scrubbing the Glass

This is the first step to take when cleaning exterior windows. Use the squeegee to clean even the edges of your window. Doing this ensures that you get excellent results. When cleaning, move the squeegee horizontally across the window. Vertical strokes will also do. However, if you opt for vertical strokes, it is best to direct the excess water toward the uncleaned areas.

Clean a Starting Strip

When starting to clean your glass, tip the squeegee at an angle so that only its rubber edges contact the glass. Starting at the top corners of the glass produces best results as you clean a narrow glass strip from top to bottom. Doing this on one side helps to make it easier to begin making horizontal strokes throughout the rest of the glass.

Wipe the Squeegee Clean

The next stage involves cleaning the rubber blade of your squeegee on a clean towel. You can also wipe it across a scrubber to remove excess water or dirt from the glass.
Afterward, work the squeegee down the window. Ensure that each stroke you make using the squeegee is overlapping the previous stroke about 2 inches. Pull the squeegee at an angle across the window to direct the excess water down the window. Then wipe the rubber blade and repeat the process.

Wipe Off Excess Water

The final stage involves cleaning any excess water at the bottom edge of the window using a rag. Wipe off any streaks that remain using the lint-free rag, and you have a clean window.

The good thing about squeegees is that you can also use them inside your house too. If you can get the process right, you can use this window cleaning procedure on virtually every glass window in your home. Teach your fiends how to clean windows without Windex and start the trend!

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