5 Ways Homeowners Can Increase Home Value

increase home value

It’s only natural that every new homeowner, especially first-timers, be excited and nervous about owning a home. During this time, your head pops full of ideas of how you can make your new house be a home for you and your family. At this stage, you are probably not even thinking about how you can increase home value of the new property. However, even though this may not be your primary focus, it is still worth mentioning as you look for home improvement ideas that will increase its value.

That said, we compiled a list of five surefire tips and ideas that you can use to significantly increase your home value from the time you possess it.

How to Easily Increase Your Home Value

1. Use the Right Paint Colors

The color of your new home is a critical step towards improving its value and making it look more like home too. So, whichever paint you use, you must select the right colors. Certain paint colors, when strategically placed, can significantly up the value of a home. A Zillow study shows that homes with their doors painted smoky, charcoal, or jet-black, tend to sell for about $6,000 more than expected. That just proves the influence the right type of paint color can have in your home’s value.

2. Update the Kitchen and Bath

When looking to increase the value of your home and attract prospect buyers, the kitchen and bathrooms are important spaces to consider. If you can put stainless-steel and granite accessories and other features in these spaces, you can increase your home’s value by about 15%. It’s not common to find stainless-steel or granite in most original old kitchens and bathrooms. Only make sure to reinforce the structure holding these heavy materials and appliances to prevent them from toppling. It is, therefore, best that you consult with an engineer or architect before you install new granite countertops.

3. Update Your Lighting

Old and outdated lighting and light fixtures are among the things that you can use to date your home. Therefore, after moving into a new home, it is only right that you replace the lighting throughout the house with LED retrofit kits. You may also want to keep the lighting color consistent throughout the house. Everybody likes a well-light home, which significantly improves its value too.

4. Increase Curb Appeal

The garage door of a new home is perhaps the most critical element in this case. A new garage door can return up to 98.3% on your investment. Plus, if you don’t have the budget to afford a new garage door, there are many upgrade options that you can use on the one that you already have.
Painting or replacing your front door, landscaping, and accent lighting for the night can also transform any home. You can also add shutters to renew the front of your home and make it look more appealing.

5. Improve the Thermal Envelope

It may not fall in the list of the most glamorous home improvements. But improving the thermal envelope in your home is a brilliant way of protecting your asset and decreasing energy consumption. Some of the simple steps you can take to ensure this process is to replace your windows, seal penetrations in exterior walls, add insulation to attic spaces and properly vent the attic. This is a great energy-saving home improvement project to try out immediately you move into your new home.


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