Tips to Make your Trimmer String Last Longer

Tips to Make your Trimmer String Last Longer

No one enjoys mowing the lawn, and trimming the yard. The worst part is having to unwind the trimmer line right before you finish, because the string has caught into the weed trimmer head. So, what can you do to make the trimmer string last longer? There are a few things to take into consideration, including the size of the trimmer string, as well the techniques used to cut grass. Once you follow our tips, your string will last through multiple lawn cuttings, and you’ll only have to wind the spool a few times a year. 

Some Tips to Make your Trimmer String Last Longer

The main things to keep in mind so that your trimmer string will last longer are:

  • Using the weed eater properly. It’s the number one way to preserve your string.
  • The spool size can really make a difference in how long you can go without replacing the trimmer line.
  • And finally, you need to consider the size, style, brand and string length. 

Some simple weed whacking techniques will go a long way to increase the length of time your string will last.

First, always keep the string parallel to the ground, particularly when you’re tapping the spool to feed more string. Keeping it parallel to the ground will ensure that the string is not hitting any rocks or dirt, just grass. 

Next, pay attention to the sound of the string trimmer. It will tell you why you need new string. It takes some practice to be able to tune into the sound, but it will save you a lot of wasted string. When you over feed the string, you could run out. All that happens is that you keep tapping, the string keeps coming out, and keeps getting cut by the blade on your trimmer head. Practice feeding only when needed. 

Because all the best weed eaters can hold different amounts of string, you also need to pay attention to spool head sizes as you shop, and buy the larger one. Most companies don’t mention their spool size, but they are different, and if you pay attention, you can get a spool size that is twice the size you would normally buy. Naturally, this makes a huge difference to how long the string lasts. 

String has attributes that can either make it last longer or fall apart sooner. Let’s look at them:

  • String Size – these range from .050 to .200+ inches, and is perhaps the main limiting factor of how long the string will last. Most trimmer heads can hold different sizes of string, but usually not more than .095. Lightweight to medium string ranges from .050 to .080 inches. Medium to heavy string from 0.80 to .105 inches. And very heavy duty string is above that. If a job can’t be completed with a string size of .095, then you’d best use a metal blade. A .095 string should be easily able to weed 5 large yards on one spool. 
  • String Shape – string comes in a range of shapes as well like round, multi-sided, diamond, and twisted. Multi-sided varieties of string tend to be more effective at cutting grass, and also last longer than round string.  

Finally, here’s a little secret. Never leave your string lying around in direct sunlight. In the summer months, soak your string in water, and that will prevent it from deteriorating in the heat. 

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