How to Install Motion Sensor Light Systems for Security & Safety

how to install motion sensor light

We all want our homes to be secure and safe. Chances are you have some exterior motion sensors. But what about indoor motion sensor lighting? Indoor motion sensor lighting can be ideal for the elderly, or even when you have houseguests, so that no one has to fumble for light switches. You can even install motion sensor light systems indoors by yourself. Here are some options to consider. 

Install Motion Sensor Light Systems

If you or someone in your family are people who frequently get up at night, wireless motion sensor lights are a low cost, flexible option. It runs on batteries, making it completely wireless, and eliminating the need for an outlet. This means you can set the wireless motion-sensor lights anywhere that’s convenient for you, like on the bottom shelf of a bookcase, or a console table.

How it works is, an invisible infra-red beam, that is cone shaped, picks up any motion from a wide range. So natural movements like, walking down the hallway, opening the bathroom door, or getting out of bed would trigger it on. The light remains on for a few minutes, and shuts itself off, thus conserving battery power. 

Plug-In Nightlight

A plug-in motion detecting nightlight is the perfect choice for a bathroom or a hallway. Because it doesn’t require batteries, you won’t forget to replace them. And if you use LED bulbs, you won’t need to replace those too often either. 

Install Motion Sensor Light Switches

Particularly useful for seniors, who may not remember to switch on overhead lights. If you automate some lights coming on, especially in hallways and stairwells, you can prevent the older members of your family, or guests who aren’t familiar with your home’s layout, from slipping and falling. Motion sensor light switches are available in many forms, including snap on ones that can fit over the existing light switch covers in your home. This means you can instantly install these light switches, with no need to replace the electrical wiring. 

Motion Sensor Outlets

With a motion sensor outlet, anything that is plugged into that outlet will activate when someone walks by. Installing these are easy. You have to do nothing more than plug the device into the wall, and plug in a lamp or another kind of light. You can also get outlets that will automatically turn the light on, when it gets dark outside. 

Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight

Instead of illuminating the whole bathroom, you can illuminate the toilet itself. It doesn’t require any kind of expensive upgrade. All you need are specially designed motion sensor lights, that hang on the edge of the seat. It will allow seniors, and children to use the bathroom, without having to turn on the overhead lights. 

There are many benefits when you install motion sensor light systems. It conserves the environment, and will save you money on your utility bills. When lights are left on, that is a drain on resources. Motion sensor lighting prevents lights being left on accidentally by children, seniors, or house guests, and ultimately is eco friendly, and efficient.

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