Best Way to Cut Metal

Best Way to Cut Metal

More often, the best way to cut metal is not always the simplest. Cutting metal to have controlled accurate cuts while using minimum physical effort usually requires the help of professionals and appropriate tools. However, some methods of cutting metal may only involve the use of simple power tools and use of hands.

Tips for the Best Way to Cut Metal

As with most work, there are many options for cutting metal. But the best cutting methods vary depending on the tools available, the project, and the metal you plan to cut. That said, this article aims to provide you with the best methods of cutting different types of metal.

Best Cutting Disk for Metal

A good angle grinder with an abrasive cutting disc is an excellent option for cutting through all kinds of metal. However, the discs tend to wear down pretty quickly, shrink in diameter, and cut slowly the more you use them. Which is why a diamond blade that is rated to cut metal is an excellent option. These last much longer and cut much cleaner and faster compared to abrasive cutting discs.

How to Cut Sheet Metal

There isn’t any obvious choice for cutting sheet metal. However, a circular saw, when fitted with the right blade, is the best cutting tool to use. A good circular saw can also cut mild steel but only up to about 3/8 inches thick using a ferrous cutting blade. You want to be careful though when cutting to cover anything you don’t want the flying hot metal chips to coat.

How to Cut Aluminum

A miter saw is the best tool for cutting aluminum rods and tubes. Remember to use blades that are designed to cut through nonferrous metal. It is also essential to protect yourself from flying metal shards that break from the aluminum when being cut.

How to Cut Stainless Steel

There are numerous types of stainless steel out there. Some varieties are harder than others, which makes cutting them even more challenging, but not impossible. For smaller jobs like cutting stainless steel tiles, you can use a rotary tool that-s fitted with an abrasive metal-cutting disc. However, for the larger jobs, mounting an abrasive disc on an angle grinder works fine.

How to Get into Tight Spots

An oscillating tool is excellent for accessing tight spots or when looking to make flush cuts. Fit the oscillating tool with a metal-cutting blade for it to functions flawlessly. An oscillating tool can easily cut through automotive bolts, plumbing pies, nails, and other metal objects in areas where other larger tools don’t fit. You only need to ensure that the blade used can cut the material and your problems will be solved in a jiffy.

Cutting metal is probably one of the most dangerous workshop tasks. But provided you know the right tools to use to cut different types of metals and use them appropriately, you should be good. Atop all this, it is also vital that you wear protective gear at all times when cutting metal to protect both yourself, people around you, and the cutting tools. Otherwise, you should have a pretty smooth time cutting through metal with the steps mentioned above.

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