Best Cordless Jig Saws for 2023

Check out our list of the 10 Best Cordless Jig Saws for 2023!

Best Cordless Jig Saws for 2023

Many craftspeople can agree that having a reliable jigsaw can be quite handy. Today we will be discussing the 10 Best Cordless Jig Saws. These crafts tools can perform a myriad of tasks depending on what your projects entail. But they can also turn out to be complete nightmares, especially if the jigsaw you buy doesn’t match your project’s criteria. Cordless jigsaws are even better tools as they give you the freedom to move around your workspace and not have to worry about the cords tangling up. But then, finding the Best Cordless Jig Saws that suits your needs isn’t always as easy as people tend to think. You must consider numerous factors and features like the jigsaw’s weight, battery life, costs, the projects you plan to use it on, etc. In most situations, first-time cordless jigsaw buyers don’t always know what they want. For one, it’s more than just logging online and guessing the jigsaw or opting for the most expensive or most well-rated one.

Our Method of Selecting the Best Cordless Jig Saws That Meet Your Needs

As mentioned earlier, finding the perfect cordless jigsaw that meets your specifications requires that you do some homework first. Luckily, our team did the heavy lifting for you, and after thorough research and numerous considerations and factors, we matched the top 10 best cordless jigsaws. Below are the metrics and features we used to arrive at our list:
  • Price
  • Power
  • Battery and battery life
  • Comfort and weight
  • Portability
With these features in mind, you stand a much better option of finding the perfect cordless jigsaw for your applications. Here is our top 10 list of the Best Cordless Jig Saws.



Vendor: DEWALT
Item Weight: 5.71 pounds
Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 11 x 3.9 inches
Material: Plastic
Voltage: 20 volts

DEWALT DCS331B Jig Saw Review

This particular jigsaw comes with many amazing features, all tuned to make your work faster, easier, and fun. Its price is also relatively fair based on the fact that it can withstand even some of the most professional projects. Options to purchase it include coming with a bare tool in a kit with batteries or without a battery or charger. So, best be careful when purchasing it.

The DEWALT DCS331B can clock speeds of up to 3,000SPM. That’s fairly good. What’s more, is that it also doesn’t pose any safety risks being as the blade stops almost instantaneously upon releasing its trigger. It has an anti-slip grip plus built-in blower to keep the cut lines clear as extra safety features.

One feature that makes this saw stand out is its keyless blade. The release is made completely of metal. This entirely removes any risk of its mechanism breaking when in use. Its T-Shank blade also has notches at 0,15,30, and even 45 degrees which allow for more professional, clean, and accurate cuts at any angle.

It has long-lasting Li-Ion batteries of 20volts that enable you to use it for longer. Thus, reducing downtime between projects. At its current price of $138.97, this is the cordless jigsaw you can hope to purchase.

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Makita XVJ03Z Jig Saw

Vendor: Makita
Item Weight: 5 pounds
Product Dimensions: 13 x 4 x 10 inches
Voltage: 18 volts

Makita XVJ03Z Jig Saw Review

At just 5 pounds, this Makita jigsaw model has a built-in variable speed motor that delivers between 0 and 2,600 strokes per minute. That’s enough speeds to ensure fast and efficient cutting. It uses 18-volt LXT Lithium-Ion batteries that charge quickly and are durable enough to last you through any projects.

It also has a two-finger speed-control trigger which enhances its safety features as well as improve precision and control when in use. Its three orbital settings enable it to slice through many different materials with ease. By enabling control of both its angle and speed, it creates clean, accurate, and precise cuts.

It comes with an in-built dust blower and LED light to keep your workspace free of dust and debris and illuminate your work, respectively. Both features work perfectly to eliminate frustrating situations which can end up slowing your project. This jigsaw model also comes with a tool-less blade changing option. Thus, you won’t have to wait too long in-between changing blades.

It comes with a computer monitoring system which prevents it from overloading, overheating, or over-discharging. Pretty neat, right?

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Ryobi One+ P523 Cordless Orbital T Shank Jigsaw

Vendor: Ryobi
Item Weight: 4.9 pounds
Product Dimensions: 11 x 12 x 6.5 inches
Material: high-carbon steel
Voltage: 18 volts

Ryobi One+ P523 Cordless Orbital T Shank Jigsaw Review

The reason why this model comes third is that not all of its standard blades easily fit. Plus, the blade changing process can prove to be quite a challenge sometimes. But other than that, this is a pretty decent jigsaw to have around. For only $94.99, it comes with some pretty nice features. This easily makes it rank top, especially as our best option price wise.

Ryobi One+P523 has four different orbital settings which allow its user to control its speeds when cutting wood. Lower settings provide higher accuracy while the higher settings are best for more power. It also has graphics on it which guide its user on the best settings to use based on your preference.

The jigsaw comes with an in-built dust blower to allow you to work free of dust and debris. It also has LED lighting to illuminate your projects and enable you to see what you’re doing. It makes for a nice tool to have around for different kinds of projects.

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DEWALT Bare-Tool DC330B Cordless Jig Saw

Vendor: DEWALT
Item Weight: 5.15 pounds
Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 11 x 3.9 inches
Material: Plastic
Voltage: 18 volts

DEWALT Bare-Tool DC330B Cordless Jig Saw Review

This is a fairly decent jigsaw for customers who are already used to the 18-volt line of tools. It may, however, not be the best choice for everyone considering that it’s quite pricey. It can reach 3,000 strokes per minute and comes packed with four orbital angles for cutting through different materials.

Both its bevel angle and blade change are also tool-free, which is a bonus. It can dramatically make changes while operating, which significantly decreases its downtime during projects. Its adjustable dust blower is also quite handy to help its user to see the working surface.

On the flip side, it doesn’t have any in-built lighting. Thus, cutting in shadowed or dim spaces can be frustrating. Many customers have also complained of its blade quickly loosening as you use it more, and it is hard to keep perfect. That alone is enough to slow down its productivity and turn many prospective buyers off. Other than that, it’s quite a handy tool to have around.

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Milwaukee 2445-20 M12 Jigsaw

Vendor: Milwaukee
Item Weight: 1 pounds
Product Dimensions: 7.7 x 2.4 x 7.1 inches
Material: Plastic, Metal
Voltage: 12 volts

Milwaukee 2445-20 M12 Jigsaw Review

This Milwaukee cordless jigsaw is made using both metal and plastic, which explains why it is more durable than most of the other models in its class. It is also relatively low on power. Thus, only best for use on smaller projects. It uses the T-Shank blade which is also available in the home improvement stores should you need to replace them.

It has a ¾ inch stroke length, which is reasonable and works best on thin materials that are not so tough. Otherwise, it will stall.

On the flip side, some customers have complained about this jigsaw being too expensive for its features. Others also claim that the blades do not lock in properly, which hinders optimum performance. But it does make for a good option for beginners before shifting to the more complex equipment.

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Item Weight: 0.16 ounces
Product Dimensions: 12.2 x 3.8 x 10 inches
Material: Other
Voltage: 20 volts

PORTER-CABLE PCC650B Jigsaw Review

This PORTER-CABLE tool is a solid, budget option in the cordless jigsaw market. It is especially perfect for hobbyist woodworkers or users looking to do casual home-improvement projects. Its lower price doesn’t, however, mean it fetches lesser power. The PCC650B can clock 2,500 strokes per minute with its manufacturers claiming that it can cut through copper pipes as well. But the only way to know that is by putting that theory to the test yourself.

It has tool-free release features that allow for quick changing of its T-shaped blades. Its contoured handle also helps to ensure a more comfortable grip when being used for longer periods. It has a built-in dust blower plus responsive speed trigger assist in helping you make clean cuts at all times. Its variable 45-degree bevel and three orbital settings also help to enhance your cut precision and accuracy as needed.

Perhaps the only cons that this model has are no LED lights and that it doesn’t come with a battery and charger included. You have to buy these separately. But that shouldn’t deter you from getting this cordless jigsaw.

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Bosch Cordless Jig Saw JSH180B

Vendor: Bosch
Item Weight: 5.05 pounds
Package Dimensions: 10 x 8.7 x 3.7 inches
Style: Bare-Tool
Voltage: 18 volts

Bosch Cordless Jig Saw JSH180B Review

The Bosch JSH180B comes with a one-handed blade changing system which prevents you from touching the blade itself. All you need to do is turn its knob and eject the blade, and then you can insert a different blade size. This is, by far, one of the easiest blade-changing systems on the market. It may sound like a luxury, but you quickly come to learn how convenient this is after using this jigsaw.

It is also amazingly lightweight, which is usually a sign of a cheap saw. But this model is always up to the task. At just 5 pounds, coupled with its ergonomic design, this jigsaw feels great in your hands and is also relatively quite easy to use.

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M18 Fuel D-Handle Jigsaw

Vendor: Milwaukee
Item Weight: 5.44 pounds
Product Dimensions: 3.9 x 9.1 x 10.6 inches
Power Source: battery-powered

M18 Fuel D-Handle Jigsaw Review

The M18 model comes packed with an 18-volt Lithium-Ion battery that claims a recharge time of about one hour or less. Atop that, its packaging also comes with a spare battery. Thus, you spend less time charging your batteries and more time working. That is efficient in so many ways.

Milwaukee, the model’s manufacturers, also claim that this jigsaw can cut through plywood, drywall, oriented strand board, plastic laminate, and many other materials. It looks to have all the right features and is sending all the right signals to want to buy.

The only issue some users may have with it is that it doesn’t have LED lighting. Which means that you must use an auxiliary power source if working under poor lighting.

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Milwaukee 2645-20 M18 Jig Saw

Vendor: Milwaukee
Item Weight: 1 pounds
Package Dimensions: 9.7 x 9.6 x 3.6 inches
Material: Metal / plastic
Voltage: 18 volts

Milwaukee 2645-20 M18 Jig Saw Review

This jigsaw is relatively easy to use with instructions that are easy to understand and follow, as well. It is, however, not one we would recommend based on its high price point backed with very few features. So, unless you have committed fully to this model tool line, you are better off trying one of the other brands.

Its most notable feature is its five orbital settings which is quite impressive. This allows you to cut through almost any material. However, even with this great feature, it only has a maximum stroke length of one inch. That wouldn’t cut it is you’re looking for deeper cuts.

It doesn’t have a dust collection feature. Neither does it have LED light, which makes it frustrating to see cut lines. You can, however, change its bevel and blades without tools which keep project downtimes to a minimum.

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Item Weight: 5 pounds
Product Dimensions: 11 x 3.5 x 9 inches
Material: Steel, plastic
Voltage: 20 volts


This amazing jigsaw is an excellent line for hobbyists and beginners looking to garner more experience using these tools. It never disappoints when looking to have a simple tool for your small, basic projects. It also comes with both a battery plus battery charger to ease your work. These are, however, not the best or the most long-lasting batteries. But you can always purchase an extra pair, especially if you intend to work on heavier projects. It also accepts both the T and U blades, which is a bonus. The fact that you can change the blades tool-free makes them even more enticing to customers.

On the flip side, it doesn’t have LED light and comes with a short battery life which can be quite inconveniencing.

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Criteria We Used to Determine the Best Cordless Jig Saws For This List

By now, you can probably tell that not all cordless jigsaws come with equal features. However, they do benefit, especially over their corded models. Here are some of the critical features you must always check for when shopping for a cordless jigsaw.


The price of each cordless jigsaw varies depending on its quality and other features unique to them. Good options usually come with a variable speed trigger and several orbital settings. They also tend to range between $50 and $100. Some of the better-priced options can sometimes include a decent power, bevel adjustment, and other awesome features all aimed at making your work easier.

In the cheaper jigsaws, you are more likely to sacrifice the accuracy in your cuts. Price tags of $100 and above ensure that you get a lot better accuracy when cutting. You also get an extended range of orbital settings and power. Some top-notch jigsaws even come with strong warranties too.


The power of your jigsaw depends more on the type and size of its motor. The size of the battery is also a critical factor to consider. Your jigsaw’s power is what determines the type and depth of cut it can make and the kind of material it can cut. That’s why it is vital to know the exact power of the jigsaw you plan to buy and whether it has enough power for your projects. The maximum strokes per minute of most cordless jigsaws range between 2,400 and 3,000. But you can always opt for the lower power jigsaws for the less intense applications.

Variable Speed Setting

Most models have a variable speed trigger because users tend to use different speeds when cutting depending on the application. Slower speed gives you more control, which is excellent for most of the finer work. However, there are instances where you need to speed up for convenience and saves time.

Variable speeds are great for several situations. For one, high speed is excellent for cutting thick, difficult materials. Whereas, when entering cuts from inside of the wood, slower speeds guarantee you a much higher degree of accuracy. Generally, having more variable speed settings is better.

Battery and Battery Life

Most cordless jigsaws don’t come with batteries and require that you make a separate battery purchase. Luckily, many units tend to use the same voltage and size of batteries. This enables you to share batteries between saws, which is, to some extent, a convenience.

If, however, you’re purchasing your first cordless jigsaw, it’s vital that you remember to add a compatible battery to your cart as well.

The battery life is also another crucial consideration. Models with longevity in their battery power are great for extended jigsaw uses before having to recharge. Purchasing extra batteries even makes your work easier as it helps to reduce your downtimes when working.

Most of the cheaper cordless jigsaws tend to have batteries with short battery life. In such a case, getting a spare battery can be a better option if you don’t plan on waiting long hours for your one battery to recharge.


Some cordless jigsaws come with extra batteries, carrying cases, and other equipment which can prove to be frustrating to carry around. Just because they are cordless doesn’t make them handy tools to carry around. So, if you value portability, then you may want to go for the jigsaws with extra features. You, therefore, don’t have to stress about sourcing a case or carrying any of the other items.

Final Thoughts

When looking for a good jigsaw, it’s best to consider all the features they come with like power, capabilities, grip style, and dust-management capabilities. If you do this right and follow the selection criteria mentioned above, there’s an even better chance that you’ll buy your dream jigsaw today.

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